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Xero is a vertical aluminium profile designed for use in wall panels or in cabinet style structures.  Xero is similar to a concealed stripping, the difference being that the slots are barely visible creating more of a shadow line effect.   The Xero system can also bear a significant amount of weight, allowing it to be used for an extensive range of applications.

The Xero family includes multiple versions of the system that can suit any type of retail display requirement.  Some profiles can be combined for added adjustment and flexibility.  For example, Xero 4 and Xero 8 can be combined to create a run of bays.  As can Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L to create a similar wall that can also incorporate power.

Xero  4 & 8

Xero is available in both a 4 and 8 mm option which can either be used singly or combined depending on your merchandising requirements.  Xero 4 can be used to merchandise from the centre or as a bay configuration.  The Xero 8 version is necessary for side by side hanging or shelving.  The profile is designed to be as discreet as possible, without compromising on functionality.  Merchandise supports are simply hooked into place and can be adjusted vertically as required.

Xero L P/L

The Xero L P/L profile is designed to be inserted into a cabinet or alcove.  The profile incorporates power to enable under lit shelves that are easily adjusted.  The Xero L P/L profile can be used in conjunction with Xero Twin to create a run of bays that incorporate power.  Non electrified hardware can also be used in the profile enabling maximum display possibilities.

Xero Twin P/L

The Xero Twin P/L profile is designed with 2 vertical slots that integrate power to cater for under shelf lighting and appliances.  The profile can be used to merchandise from the centre of the profile or used in a bay type configuration.  

Xero Frame P/L

The Xero slots are incorporated into a framed structure.  The frames come in a range of shapes and sizes and can either be used individually or combined to create a product wall.  Frames can be fitted with digital panels, lighting, coloured fabrics or other materials to customise to your brand.  Frames can also be used as floor units.  Power can be included for under shelf lighting or to power various appliances.

Xero Struc 4

Xero Struc 4 is an upright with a slot measuring just 4 mm in width.  There is a slot on either side of the post.  It can be installed floor to ceiling which allows double sided merchandising, making it ideal for a window application.  It can be used to create a versatile range of wall structures and floor units.  The system is simple and quick to assemble and shelves and display accessories are simply hooked into the slots.  

For more information on the various profiles of Xero and to view the range of accessories in the range, click here.