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Vogue Cameleon Mannequins


The Vogue Cameleon Series of mannequins is representative of fashionable young women.

The collection includes confident yet casual poses with a fresh and youthful presence.  With the ability to tailor the mannequins to suit the
 individual needs of the brand, Vogue Cameleon faces can be changed time and time again by simply updating the eyes, lips or wigs.

There are 3 main collections in the Vogue Cameleon family. 

Collection 74 | Vogue Cameleon | Realistic Fixed head with removable eyes and lips

The collection consists of realistic mannequins with a fixed head and removable eyes and lips.  The look of the mannequin is easily adjusted
depending on the season simply by changing the eye and lip styles.  Alternate from daytime to evening make-up, or blue to green eyes.
Vogue Cameleon provides the flexibility to vary your displays and front windows in line with each promotion.


The selection of eye and lip styles is vast and can be hard to choose.  The best place to start is with the Make-up Mixer.



Collection 75 | Vogue Cameleon | Sculpted hair Fixed head with removable eyes and lips

Collection 75 is a range of sculpted head mannequins with removable eyes and lips.  This range offers a modern realistic look with lower
maintenance yet still providing the option to change the make-up as required.  Wigs are no longer required. Mannequins appear polished
and remain flexible to your branding.


Collection 76 | Vogue Cameleon | Egghead - Fixed head with removable lips

The egghead range in the Vogue Cameleon family provides a mannequin with more of an ageless appearance.  The egg head caters to a 
broader demographic while the option of changing the lip colour allows individualising of the mannequin.

A wig can also be added if desired.



There is a comprehensive selection of poses in the Vogue Cameleon range you can be sure to assemble the perfect grouping.