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Invisible 6 by Vitra


The Invisible 6 system by Vitra is a horizontal support system that is built into the wall substructure and only a 6mm horizontal slot is seen. 

The system has a heavy load bearing capacity lending itself to many applications.  A wide range of merchandise accessories are available
in varying finishes making it a suitable system not only for apparel but for all types of products.


Accessories easily slide into the 6mm linear slot which allows a great amount of versatility to move displays around.  The accessory range
includes straight arms, side hanging, hooks and shelving options.  Glass shelves are simply inserted into the profile presenting a sleek
and minimalist appearance, as no brackets are required.  

Invisible 6 ensures that your product is always prominent, hiding in the background while still allowing flexibility in merchandising.


The Invisible 6 profile and various accessories to suit are part of our stocked range.

Download the Invisible 6 catalogue here

Download the Invisible 6 P/L catalogue here