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Flexible merchandising with Xero


The Xero range by Vitra Retail Systems is one of the most versatile options for retail.  Consisting of mainly vertical uprights with hidden slots, the system is streamlined in appearance, yet offers a great amount of adjustment.

The range also offers two ways to merchandise.

Classical Bay

The classical way of merchandising is one of the most popular.  With uprights on either side, product is merchandised in between.  The Xero accessory range offers front and side hanging, shelving and many other hardware options.



Modern Presentation

Xero can be used as a single upright and merchandised from the centre. Shelves have only one connection point to the upright from the middle.  This creates a more minimal and sophisticated look and can decrease overall costs as less profiles are required.

A run of Xero profiles along a wall allows the option to merchandise as a bay or from the centre of the upright.


Xero also includes plug and play.  Lighting can be incorporated into the accessories allowing shelves to be relocated in seconds as there is no wiring.

Click here for more information on the Xero family.