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EuroShop 2017 Highlights - Vitra


Vitra presented "The Village" at EuroShop 2017
"The Village" encompasses a plaza-like setting, in which customers can linger and relax, and five stores offering diverse shopping experiences: a fashion store, a cosmetics shop, a consumer electronics store, a car showroom and a grocery store.

A fictitious brand was created for each of these retail worlds, along with individual products and a history that invites customers on
a journey

 Sepio - Concept Store


The health & beauty store concept is designed to inspire and engage all the senses.  The service oriented product presentation makes highly efficient use of a limited space.  Monitors offer easy access to the complete product range (endless aisle).

The lighting is designed to make skin and make-up look great.  Personal assistance and a special tool for product information cater to the individual needs of customers.

 CŌRY - Concept Store



The fashion store's gallery-like Shopfitting reflects it's brand identity.  The large fitting room is a personal, intimate space with perfect lighting. Here it is easy to make good shopping decisions - which leads to fewer product returns and a better experience for the customer.

Fast-paced fashion trends (and savvy consumers) require store flexibility and easy adaptation: lights and shelving can be simply reconfigured to change the mood of the store and create dynamic lighting in special areas.

  New products featured in the Cōry store include:

  Multi-Lane - New Product

  A ceiling rail system that incorporates both hanging merchandise fixtures and low voltage power.

The merchandise fixtures can be customised and adapted to suit each space and can be moved easily, allowing flexibility to adjust
the store layout as required.

The ceiling rail can support many track lighting profiles and can also be used to power displays within the store.
This dual function simplifies planning and allows a flexible use of space. The floor is left clear thus giving the impression of a
floating display. 

  Qubo 25 P/L - New Product


Designed with square tubes measuring 25 x 25mm, Qubo 25 P/L has a slimline, elegant appearance.  The range is suited for
universal wall and mid-floor structures; shelves and hanging rails can be re-positioned at any time.

Thanks to the powered systemQubo 25 P/L readily incorporates lighting, including LED shelving, and digital devices.

All structures can be easily dismantled or reconfigured. 


all goods - Concept Store


The food store concept is more than just a grocery store.  It is the neighbourhood meeting point, a place that turns customers into guests.  The merchandise presentation guides the consumers intuitively through the store.

Targeted product lighting contributes to an appealing display that celebrates food, inspiring consumers to buy something extra, spend
a little more – and come back again soon.

  New products featured in the all goods store include: 

   Qubo 35 P/L - New Product


Qubo 35 P/L is suited for large-scale structures requiring a heavy load bearing capacity - from shelves, gondolas, wall frames and tables to complete pop-up stores.  The powered system enables easy integration of lighting elements and digital media.

Additional options for the incorporation of visuals and sound-absorbing or textile elements also make Qubo 35 P/L an optimum tool for a unique showcasing of brands.

All structures can be easily dismantled or reconfigured.


 eden - Concept Store


The tech store concept is an immersive, dynamic experience, using cost-efficient materials and lighting that can be rolled out fast at a new location and later even flexibly reconfigured.  Ceiling lighting sequences respond to video content projected on the wall.  The central counter provides a practical point of contact for consumers.

  New products featured in the eden store include:

  Mono 20 P/L - New Product 


The powered round Mono 20 P/L holder, with an inner diameter of 20mm, enables the integration of lighting and digital devices.
Under-shelf LED lamps illuminate the merchandise displayed below them and prevent shadows. 

Mono 20 P/L merchandise supports can be combined with those of the Mono 20 range.


ARTEMIS - Concept Store



The automotive concept is about efficiency and space management and how to bring the product to the consumer in the city.  Personal service and material displays meet the latest technology in the store’s lounge, enabling customers to create their own car.  In a blend of lounge, shop and showroom, a cohesive concept configured to sell both lifestyle and products is presented.

  New products featured in the Artemis store include: 

   Xero Frame P/L - New Product


  Xero Frame P/L is a powered system for wall or mid-floor merchandise displays.  The frame-shaped elements come in a range of shapes and sizes and can either be used individually or attractively combined to form appealing product walls.

Electrification enables the integration of lighting and digital devices, and LED shelving enhances the appeal of merchandise.

Each frame can be fitted with coloured textiles or other materials for added decorative effects. providing diverse options for customised presentations.