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EuroShop 2017 Highlights - Window France


Window France presented many new and current mannequin ranges on their stand.  The new ranges included various realistic collections with
fun and characteristic wig styles.  The abstract ranges showed inventive new finishes and created a modern sophisticated feel.


- New Mannequin Collection 
The Sleek Collection presents a selection of graceful poses each with a touch of sophistication.  Included in the range, is a choice of unique seated positions, with their own distinctive style.  Sleek is available in 4 different heads, styles including abstract face options, with the
possibility of removable lips.


Girls Band
 - New Mannequin Collection

Featuring a fun and lively range of young realistic or abstract positions, the Girls Band Collection presents engaging groupings of two or three. The choice of removable make up allows you the option to recreate your brands personality.  From a young daytime look to a sophisticated evening look, the choice is yours.  Also available with an abstract face providing a softened feel.

- New Mannequin Collection 

The Mademoiselle range consists of elegant poses embellished with a sense of style.  With movement in the stances, the Mademoiselle range includes some beautiful sitting positions that can diversify your groupings.  Available with removable make up offering a realistic look or with an abstract face.

Absolute Reverso
- White Marble, Black Marble, Dark Wood

New finishes for the Absolute range were on display at the stand including White Marble, Black Marble and Dark Wood.  The top bust can be removable and in a different finish if requested.

Absolute Reverso  - Birdcage

New to the Absolute range is a birdcage top bust and head.  The Birdcage is available in 4 different finishes, including Old Brass, White Chrome, Pale Gold and Matt Black.