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Choosing the best system for your store design




Vitra Retail Systems offer many solutions suitable for retail environments with a focus on flexibility in merchandising and display.  There is a system to suit just about every requirement and each range includes an extensive selection of hardware allowing all products to be catered to.  One of the main benefits of using a system includes optimum flexibility to change and adapt each area as required.

Vitra Retail Systems are designed to hide in the background, offering maximum adaptability while ensuring the product is always the primary focus.

Often the product to be displayed and environment govern which Vitra range will work best.  Sometimes it helps to see samples and examples and we are always available to help in this area.  The following outlines features of some of the ranges to help you choose.

Point Support Systems 


Single point systems can be located anywhere on a wall or surface.  They can be positioned at intervals that best suit the product both horizontally and vertically.  Vitra's range of point systems include the larger sized points such as Mono 20, which caters for heavier merchandise.  For light accessories, look no further than the Mono 6.

Horizontal Support Systems


Generally representative of a horizonal line, these systems allow accessories to be located anywhere along the profile.  This provides the option of choosing the distance between items and creating flexible merchandising stories.  Our most versatile horizontal system is
Invisible 6.  The sleek 6mm opening is hardly visible.  A glass floating shelf look is achieved as no brackets are required.

Vertical Support Systems

If you prefer your fitout to incorporate bays, vertical systems are ideal.  Slots are generally incorporated into the system to allow adjustment to the height of the hardware.  One of the most popular vertical systems is concealed slotted stripping. Designed to hide the appearance of slots, Xero 4 provides flexibility in accessory heights and can also incorporate power and lighting for the ultimate wireless flexibility.

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