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Stores are often looking at flexibility when it comes to retail design.  A fixture that can adapt to seasonal fashion and product with minimal effort can be a huge asset.Sometimes the best way to do this is by using a modular system.

Beam by Vitra offers stores the flexibility of a system, but with a unique and functional design.

Beam shows no visible slots - it simply blends in unnoticed.  Arms can be re-positioned vertically along the Beam, allowing height adjustability.

The distinction between custom and system is virtually seamless.

Vitra call it ... Invisible Design.

This example can be seen extensively within the David Jones new concept stores at Eastland, Pacific Fair and Wellington New Zealand.

The fixtures vary in design depending on the department in which they a relocated and the products to be merchandised with the Beam system tailored to suit.

Beam - used as a double sided upright, running in the centre of the fixture                                               Some departments use infill panels within the fixture to create a softer feel
creating a unit that is open

Arms with a larger profile are used for fashion and apparel, and a smaller profile is used for lighter items like intimates and children's wear.

It's difficult to see the system within the design, yet the system offers all the flexibility required for the changing needs of each store.

Here the process of combining a custom element with a proprietary system has created a unique solution to the client's ever changing needs.

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